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We had a bad experience at the Longhorn Steak House over in (This one) Hiram Georiga back in January. So, we left that location and ended up eating at the Longhorn over (This one) in Marietta. (By, the way, the one in Marietta kicks butt! Awesome people and a great manager!)

But… My blog post is NOT to complain about the bad experience. It is to talk about what a great job Longhorns did in reacting to our bad experience.

After getting home that night, I went to their website and did a bit of complaining. I figured it would make me feel better and of course, I never expected a reply.

But, as my topic says, my faith was renewed. Not more than a week later, I received a call from Mike Samuel, the regional manager for the southeast. He listened to my story and came across as being very concerned that we had a bad experienced. He even insisted that he send us a $40 gift certificate for our next meal. (We used that tonight at the Marietta location.)

So anyway… A big “way to go” to Longhorns Steak House. Of course, I will never return to the Hiram location, but the Marietta location is almost as close and we will keep eating at that one.

Thanks Mike!

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  • I had a problem with the Kennesaw location about 2 years ago. I did the same thing you did, and I got a call from the regional manager (different guy, I think). He expressed genuine concern, and actually made a comment I’ll never forget. He asked if any of the management at that store knew me by name. When I said no, he said that was a problem. He said that people who regularly eat at their store are the people who keep it in business, and there was no excuse for “regulars” not to be recognized. This was after I told him I ate there about twice per month.

    The next day I got a call from the manager of the Kennesaw restaurant. (She’s still there, btw.) She invited me down for lunch, and said that she’d like to meet me. So I went. She came out and talked with me. She apologized for the problems, and seemed genuine. Our whole table ate for free, and I’ve been back with no problems ever since then.

    The Marietta location (120 near Barrett) isn’t, in my experience, as good as the Kennesaw store, but I didn’t have any real problems with it. I’ve only been to the Hiram store once, but it really didn’t stand out to me.

    You might try the new one up on 41 in front of the new big Target (across from the new Best Buy). I’ve been there 3 or 4 times now, and the food and service have both been amazing…the best I’ve had at that type of a steakhouse.

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