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Ok, I started this day with very, very, very low expectations. Cancelled my entire calander for the day and commited myself to the knowledge that I would be stuck at the hell that is the DMV all friggin day.

Well, I was proven wrong. I got there at 10am and was out by 11:30am. The people were nice and helpful. Even saw one of them smile. This is the Cobb County DMV out on County Services road.

I guess the best part is that I was able to get a driver’s license that is good for 10 years. Last time I looked it was something like four years.

So far, it has been a good day.

(Their location)

2 Responses to Georgia DMV – Cobb County

  • you mean you didn’t opt to wait until the 5th Tuesday of the month to catch the porta-DMV at the Paulding library?

    When we moved to Cobb 4ish years ago, it was an all-day affair to get my DL switched from SC to GA. When we bought the house 3 years ago, it was a walk in the park. Same location, but very different atmosphere. I was keeping it a secret, but now the world knows, thanks to you.

  • Man, I heard that they closed the Paulding porta-dmv down. Not doing it at all anymore.

    The really cool part is that I renewed it for 10 frigg’n years!

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