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At home, I’ve been a long time user of an SSL VPN product called SSL Explorer by a company called 3SP.

It was great for home use because they offered a 2 user enterprise license for free. A great product at a great price.

Just found out that Barracuda Networks has purchased 3SP and has not only canceled the software version of the product but also the free 2 user enterprise license.

So, Barracuda Networks, thanks for nothing!

Note: This was verified after I contacted the support desk at 3SP.

3 Responses to Hey Barracuda Networks – Thanks for nothing…

  • This sucks. I didn’t realize it happened. I hope I can remember to keep up with my license file for my copy…

  • Does this mean they are no longer issuing new free licenses or they are revoking previously issued free licenses?

  • Existing licenses are good to go. Just make sure you don’t lose it! 🙂

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