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I first heard about this on the Clark Howard show. It’s called MagicJack.

My buddy just bought one and loves it. He has a lake house that gets zero cell phone reception. And he does not want to pay the ATT cartel for a phone he would rarely use. So, he got one of these. Says he works like a charm (he has internet access there).

$39.95 plus $6.95 s&h for the first year. This covers the cost of the hardware plus the first year of service. Each year after that is $19.95.

I just ordered one. Tell you later how I like it.

Update: July 20th

Ok, got it in the mail yesterday.

This part is trivial…. But, I liked the way it was wrapped. Nice presentation and vary “Apple” like!

Plugged it in my Mac Book Pro and an internal drive mounted. It mounted first time and a 20Mb USB drive mounted with the Magic Jack application on it. Good presentation that told me to double click the app. 🙂

App ran, stepped me through the “new user” screen. It then assigned me a number. I was able to choose the state and area code. Not bad.

Made a few calls. So far, not bad at all. Very Vonage like, but without the $20 a month head aches.

I’m like it and I’m keeping it.

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  • I saw these on sale at the bookstore on KSU’s campus not long after you showed it to me. Looks like they might be catching on with those who rely on Skype a lot to communicate but don’t want to pay Skype’s higher prices.

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