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Interesting site. But, I dont get why they are running it.

Basically, you use them to upload a file to send to someone. The “someone” gets an email stating that their file is ready for pickup.

But, back to the why part. There are no ads, so no revenue from it. Only thing I can guess is that they use it for harvesting valid emails for spam use. Just a guess. If you know different, let me know. I’ll setup a test email and see if it starts getting spam.

Anyway, heres the link:

One Response to Upload.SC

  • Two possibilities:
    1. They’re doing the “youtube” thing providing a free service hoping to get bought by somebody like yahoo.
    2. They’re trying to build a site with reputation for search engine strategies.

    I’d say #1 is much more likely, but #2 is still possible.

    Or maybe they just want to see what kind of porn people send each other.

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