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Yesterday, I shot an email to blockbusters. Asked them to delete my inactive account. After all, they have my personal information on file. Not too mention, my current credit card information. They refused to delete my account, personal information and credit card data.

Now, while I expected it to be difficult, I never expected the replies I received from them. Here are several separate replies I have received. All canned and all BS.

“As much as I would like to delete your information on our system, however, there has no option to do so. However, you can be assured that once you input any personal information, the site automatically becomes secured. ”

“The information we have on file for you is kept for accounting purposes and cannot be removed. We value your security and can assure you that all measures have been taken to protect its safety. If you’d like to learn more about our privacy policy, please click on the link below to view some of our FAQs to answer related questions: “

Come on Blockbuster. This is nothing more than a feeble attempt to keep me as a customer record. We both know that customer records add up to $$$ when you are trying to save a company. And that is your purpose, so don’t lie to me.

Well, here’s a thought. Netflix is kicking your ass. Want to know why? They don’t suck at customer service. I’ve had an account with them in the past and I was able to delete it without being lied to. Guess what? I’m a customer with them again.

I can promise you, I never will do business with Blockbuster again. I can also promise you I will do my best that other people don’t either!

Full Response 1
Full Response 2
Full Response 3

Update (Feb 2 2011): Great infographic on how netflix is winning and blockbuster is losing.

How Netflix is Destroying Blockbuster

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