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Marietta Dodge Jeep?

Time to buy a new car? Let me tell you about my experience. (

Well, Suntrust is happy. And I guess is also happy.

Never heard back from my online complaint.

I may yet still complain a bit more. Lazier than I used to be I guess…

Wow, this is amazing. Sent them an online letter last night telling them how poor my experience was. Here is their reply… Do you think this was a canned automated email or what????


Dear John,

I am in the process of finding the vehicle you wanted. I do have a couple
clarifying questions that will help me find what you are looking for.
1. Are there any colors that you would not consider
2. What options are most important to you
If I don’t hear from you shortly, that’s okay. I may have to make a couple
of assumptions about what you want, but I will still get you a quote within
our 4 business-hour commitment. I understand your time is valuable.
Here at Marietta Dodge Inc., we have made the Internet buying process fun
and easy. We will work together until you drive away with your new 0
Unknown We have your interests in mind in our Internet department
and we will assist you with any questions you may have to help
with your purchase decision. Our goal is to make the process enjoyable
and informative.
Thank you for accepting my e-mail,

Jay Serrano
Internet/Fleet Manager


Well, you would think that by now, my trade in worries would be over, yes? Well, not so fast…

Just started to receive calls from Sun Trust, who my Tahoe loan was through. Since Marietta Dodge Jeep took so long to pay off the loan, there is still a $78 amount left over (additional interest). They (suntrust) dont care who pays for it, as long as someone does. Guess I will have to just to make this thing over and done with.

I recommend to anyone that they NOT buy a car through this dealership (

Oh and another note… My van was supposed to have floor matts and headsets/remote control for the dvd player. Well, none of them was with the car when I picked it up.

1. On the first trip back. After waiting 45 minutes, all I got was two head sets that have turned out to either be the wrong ones, or just plain broken. The promised to order me the remote control and the floor matts. Regardless they do not work.

2. On the second trip a week later, they had forgotten about me all together and I had to introduce my self again. They did have the remote control, which worked. They promised to order me the floor matts (again). Oh, and once again it was a 30 to 45 minute wait.

3. On the third trip back, they had the front floor mats, but no rear floor matts. The claim was that they were “back ordered”, but since I once again had to introduce my self, I opinion is that they DID NOT look for them two weeks before. Anyway, they said they would contact me….

Well, it is now May 20th and a lot of time has gone by. No word from Marietta Dodge.

You want to buy a car from them? Go for it… I would not recommend it.

Marietta Dodge Jeep

Hmmm… Well, we traded in our Tahoe back on the 12th of March 2005. We bought a 2005 Dodge van.

Not a bad deal and we are happy overall. Except…

Today is the 5th of April and they have STILL not paid off the Tahoe. I spoke with Brian (11am) in finance and he stated that it should be handled any day now. It took over 10 days to process the pay off.

I asked Brian to check with the business office and verify that the check went out. He said he would check at 1pm and then call me back. I never received a call back from Brian.

Of course, now the payoff is now $116.07 more. I assume that they will wish me to pay this amount.