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Chat Roulette is a new website. It allows you to randomly connect your webcam to another user’s webcam so that you can chat, talk and watch live video of each other.

Although the website does not claim to be anonymous, people using it would assume it is since there is no login and no account creation.

It is also obvious that people believe it’s anonymous given some of the lewd content being displayed on users web cams.

I hopped on the site with a packet sniffer running to see what connections are seen. Sure, enough the UDP packets originate directly from the users internet connection. See below from the results of a sample of the connection.

Good parenting would dictate you keep your kids away from this site.

17:07:23.261792 IP > UDP, length 20
17:07:23.261834 IP > UDP, length 20
17:07:23.261892 IP > UDP, length 20
17:07:23.270562 IP > UDP, length 180
17:07:23.287026 IP > UDP, length 36
17:07:23.345357 IP > UDP, length 36
17:07:23.409691 IP > UDP, length 36
17:07:23.409811 IP > UDP, length 36
17:07:23.410194 IP > UDP, length 36
17:07:23.410242 IP > UDP, length 36
17:07:23.447986 IP > UDP, length 20
17:07:23.584961 IP > UDP, length 20

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