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I subscribe to a daily email from DHS that overviews security issues through out various sectors of our nation.

Today, a subscriber, replied back to the email address asking that his email address be changed.

Obviously, the list was not setup correctly, since his email was promptly broadcast to all of us that subscribe to the list. I estimate that there are at least a thousand or so of us….

Well, this opened up a flood or responses. Over 500 or 600 of them today.

The weird part is that DHS has still not fixed the issue. You can still (as of today at 16:20 eastern) send an email and have it go to every subscriber.

Computer world has a good article on it, if you want to read more about it….

(Another Article Here)

This is the email that kicked it all off…

Effective October 15th I am switching jobs and would like to receive the DHS daily report at my new e-mail address;

And some of the more amusing replies from today…

>Don’t know if anyone realizes it but these e-mails are going to the entire distribution list.

>I don’t think everyone realizes that yet, but what a nice way for all of us to get to know one another!

>Would somebody QUIT sending this out to reply all

>It’s good here in DC. Just a bit muggy!

>Since we are introducing ourselves, I’m Steve and I like long walks on the beach and a nice chardonnay with my roasted duck. LOL

>Please, Please, Please stop replying to all.

>Clouds are rolling in across the sky here in Cleveland. It is quite pretty in an autumnal way. How are things in Evansville?

>Look at this as a business development opportunity.

>What an excellent networking tool! Who knew?

>Dear Mr. Alex Greene (the guy who started this mess),
May the fleas of a thousand camels infest you armpits and may a yak in heat make love to your shin.

>actually, the comic relief of this situation is rather refreshing…

>This is the best – and most useful – email chain I’ve had all year. I’ve been laughing all morning.
Cheers to everyone! And kudos to the DHS!

>Hey Dwayne, good call on that. I can’t believe no one realized it before and it only took 4 people to reply all again to get the message across. Poor Alex obviously realized he replied to all on ACCIDENT when he RECALLED the first email he sent out. It’s cool Alex. Good luck with the job change!

>I’m a Sagittarius and am from York, PA…

>Stop hitting reply to all. You are sending emails to the entire DHS OSIR distro list!

>Too all concerned please leave off this list I have work emails that I get please stop clogging my email account.

>Sagitarius her in Montana

>STOP.. this is the Command Center and i keep getting your messages.

>eventually everyone will get bored and quit

>A sunny day in Puerto Rico!! Have a nice day and good networking too!

>I was having a bad morning, however, now I am having a LOL


>30 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 1 Celsius) and looking at the possibility of snow, in the great city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada….
Hey, don’t blame Alex Greene – this has been fun! Alex – best wishes on your new job.

>Greetings from a warm New York City. Look us up when you’re in town.

>Ok folks this getting out of hand. Please stop all these emails. My tax dollars should be at work doing something more than email abuse.

>Well as long as we have a free for all going here, I’m job hunting. Anybody have anything open out there?

>It’s a fabulous day fall day here in Minnesota. Thank you all for brightening my morning. It’s great to hear from all the hardworking people that are doing their part keeping the infrastructure going. Have an enjoyable day!

>This is the only time I will reply, “Hello from Montana!” Now, nice to know you, good bye

>This would be funny if it weren’t flooding my inbox so bad . Oh what am I saying? It’s funny no matter what!

>I apologize for the reply to all. I have sent a message to NICCReports, which is the contact email for the DHSDaily to ask them to reconfigure the listserv to disallow normal members from sending to everyone. I hope they will reply with an apology and a description of their fix.

While this is, admittedly, a very funny situation and likely embarrassing to the DHSDaily, content from this listserv is trusted by its participants. In only 15 minutes of communications, I’ve seen emails from state and federal agencies, several electricity sector participants, and emergency management. I’m starting to wonder about the true scope of the DHSDaily…

>In order for this to stop, everyone needs to participate!

>Terrorism by E-Mail – I wonder if this will be on tomorrow’s report……

>I looking for an FSO job…Any offers?

>Philly is warming up too.

>It’s all a conspiracy, I tell you…
thanks for the laughs this morning, needed it!
(ultra paranoid security analyst in Indiana)

>It is grey and we are praying for rain in Raleigh, NC

>As a representative of the Department of Defense, I am ordering all
to cease and desist with the emails! I’m a Sagittarius and it’s overcast
here in D.C.! 🙂

>Man I wish I had something to sell right now, what a great distro list!
Umm.. Wonder how RIM is holding up to this, and other email servers around the US for that matter.
Can’t wait to read tomorrows Daily Report!!!!


>Steve if you bring the items you mentioned, I like scuba diving and have all the gear and we could hit the beach with our wives or girl friends which ever is your case and have a great day in Florida.

>I’m in Bethesda Md. Anyone want some info on our upcoming Maritime Security Trade Show ?

But, my favorite was this one…


I would expect that the list would be worth something!

What if someone was running for political office had access to the list and just wanted to plug themselves. Perhaps say something like “I’m Alan Steinberg, and I’m running for U.S. Congress.” Or even plug their website, by saying “Please visit”

Oh wait… I just did it =D

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