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Test My DNS

You can use the link above to test your ISP’s DNS Server. This test is courtesy of the DNS-OARC group.

In case you have not heard there is a flaw in the way DNS handles the randomness of something called a QID. Dan Kaminsky made it’s existence public earlier this month with a promise to disclose it at the upcoming Black Hat convention in Las Vegas.

The details of the issue have become public already. This issue has existed for many years and was brought to attention in 2005 when it was announced by Ian Green.

I’m not going to go over all the details of the issue but here are a some links to info about it.

1. Dan Kaminsky made it public this month. (Click Here)
2. Ian Green brought attention to it first in 2005. (Click Here)
3. Testing methods by the guys over at (Click Here)
4. Various SANS posts on the issue. (One) (Two) (Three) (Four) (Five)
5. US Certs Vulnerability Notice: (Click Here)

and one more… This is the best “layman’s” explanation of the issue I’ve seen so far. (Click Here)

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