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Google Voice

I found that my mobile phone’s voicemail would pick up before the call would be sent to Google Voice’s voicemail. Problem was that my carrier (ATT) was picking up before the 25 second time Google Voice needed to time the call out. Here’s how to extend the ring time on your ATT iPhone.

Step1: On your phone enter: *#61# Make a note of the voicemail number including the “1”.

Step2: Now enter: **61*[1+Voicemail Number]**[N]#

So for example, if your voicemail number was 16785551212 and you wanted the full 30 seconds of timeout ring, it would look like this…


Step #2 above is custom to the iPhone it seems. Other mobile phones are a bit different; I don’t think you need the double asterisks for example.

Disclaimer: This worked for me, but do it at your own risk! 🙂

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