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It seems that you cannot turn on the TV or radio these days without hearing a “LifeLock


First thing I notice from their website is their guarantee. Reads something like this…

Quote: No lock is perfect. So, even if a thief is able to steal your Identity while you are our client, we will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to restore your good name and we will re-imburse you up to $1 million should you have any losses. There is not a single company in this business that puts their money where their mouth is like we do.

Their CEO goes as far as to put his SSN up on the website stating how useless it is to thieves now that he uses his own service.

Also found out that they have at least one competitor, a company called Debix. Looks like Debix is about half the price.

My overly pessimistic view on life in general would dictate that I call this a scam, but I am hardpressed to find evidence as such. The company looks like it does provide a great service to people and does work. Of course, a large portion of what they do could be done “for free” be each and everyone of us, but no one has the time to deal with all of the credit bureaus.

So, do your research and take a look for yourself. If you find something bad, please let me know. Here are some interesting articles for you to read…

Colorado State Government
LifeLock Partners with Dallas Area Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Debix better than Lifelock?

Addition: I notice under their “terms of agreement” that you are required to agree to the following…

Quote: You agree that you have a good faith suspicion that you have been or are about to become a victim of fraud or related crime, including identity theft, that you want to obtain fraud alerts under 15 U.S.C. § 1681c-1, and that you will notify LifeLock immediately if and when you no longer have such a good faith suspicion.

So basically, this statement is what allows them to put your credit report in a mode, via a fraud alert, where everything must be approved. I “guess” the fact that you want the service means that you are worried about ID theft, but a “good faith suspicion” means that you are worried you’re really about to get hit with ID theft. Maybe I am splitting hairs on this one…

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