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The “British Banking Code” which is written and produced by the British Banker’s Association (BBA) has stated that you can be held liable for losses to your bank accounts if you have not gone through reasonable efforts to secure your home computer from viruses, spy ware and other malicious code.

A link to the banking code: (Click Here)

Section 12.9 states that you should “Keep your PC secure. Use up-to-date anti-virus and spyware software and a personal firewall.

Section 12.11 states: If you act without reasonable care, and this causes losses, you may be responsible for them. (This may apply, for example, if you do not follow section 12.5 or 12.9 or you do not keep to your account’s term and conditions.)

I don’t necessarily think this is bad. I could not imagine running a Windows machine today with out all three of their recommended security applications. Then again, even with all three, I don’t think I’d log into a bank with a Windows machine. 🙂 But, that is just me…

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