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A big thanks to Ron Davis for showing me Word Press! I thought I had a good blog before, but this one kicks butt.

Check out his site at MoreRon.COM!

Well, Suntrust is happy. And I guess is also happy.

Never heard back from my online complaint.

I may yet still complain a bit more. Lazier than I used to be I guess…

Wow, this is amazing. Sent them an online letter last night telling them how poor my experience was. Here is their reply… Do you think this was a canned automated email or what????


Dear John,

I am in the process of finding the vehicle you wanted. I do have a couple
clarifying questions that will help me find what you are looking for.
1. Are there any colors that you would not consider
2. What options are most important to you
If I don’t hear from you shortly, that’s okay. I may have to make a couple
of assumptions about what you want, but I will still get you a quote within
our 4 business-hour commitment. I understand your time is valuable.
Here at Marietta Dodge Inc., we have made the Internet buying process fun
and easy. We will work together until you drive away with your new 0
Unknown We have your interests in mind in our Internet department
and we will assist you with any questions you may have to help
with your purchase decision. Our goal is to make the process enjoyable
and informative.
Thank you for accepting my e-mail,

Jay Serrano
Internet/Fleet Manager