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If you’ve heard about Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account being broken into, one thing to take notice of is how they did it.

Have you ever noticed how online accounts will ask you personal questions that you can use later to reset your password? Mother’s maiden name? What zip code do you live in? What is your favorite food? Well, be careful on how you answer these. A lot of this information is available just by searching for the information online.

It this case, it turns out all the hacker needed was to lookup three things. 1) Her Birthday 2) Her Zip Code and 3) Where she met her husband. Only the third one took a while to find.

My recommendation is that you not use the “real” answers for these questions. Yeah, I know it’s going to be harder to remember, but make stuff up for these answers. Otherwise, you are making it easier for people to get into your accounts.

Just a few thoughts on a Monday afternoon.

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