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Recently, I had a customer reach out to me with an infected WordPress site. The site had been compromised with changes that resulted in their legitimate ads being replaced with the typical Viagra and associated ads.

The normal proces consists of cleaning up the base WordPress files, updating any out of date plugins and ensuring that the theme was up to date. Sometimes a ful rebuild from the ground up is required.

I found a couple new tools that in my opinion do help in the process of repairing the site.

First, there was the website I was really impressed with the free scanner they offer to determine if your site is at risk or already compromised. Rather than spend a number of hours cleaning up the countless php files on the compromised site myself, I took advantage of their $89/year subscription service. Under this service, one of their engineers uses a pre-made tool to quickly clean the site up. This solution not only saved me time, but also saved my customer money.

Second, I stumbled upon the tools offered over at Pingdom.COM. These tools are self explanatory and simple to use.

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