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I’m using Windows 8 on a new office laptop. A bit strange after all of these years on OSX. But, many of the applications I must use are Windows only, so what the heck….

One thing I really hated was that MS Outlook will close completely when you click on the “X” rather than minimize.

Found a couple of good 3rd party options. I used OLKeeper until the 14 day trail wore off. It works perfect. But geez, the author wants $59 for a site license. Not a bad deal if you are rolling it out to 100 or even 10 users. But there is no way it’s worth the price for a single license. So off it went, uninstalled.

I found another product, which works very similarly and is opensource. KeepOutlookRunning is a single ADD-In DLL that you install manually and does the job also perfectly.

Note to VBOffice: If you guys had offered a single license for something in the neighborhood of $10, I would have bought it. But, I’m all set now with the other free product.

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