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As most everyone knows, my home website, plus a few others are hosted at my house using Comcast’s commercial cable modem service for the internet path.

Problem is that this design presents a rather obvious single point of failure. Comcast has been reliable, but does go off line occasionally. So, when it is down, websites are offline, DNS is inactive and email gets kicked back to the users.

I’ve been looking for a cheap (key word) & good solution to host secondary DNS, backup mail MX and just a second home for some services.

Problem is that I am not willing to spend upwards of $100 a month to rent a stand alone server from someone like 1and1 or other hosting provider.

So, I’ve been looking for a virtual hosting solution. Basically, a full root access linux box, but it’s a virtual host (think VMWare). The hardware is shared with other users, but as long as the host is managed correctly and it’s not over crowded with users, it should be a great solution.

A virtual hosting solution is advantageous because it’s cheaper. But, the price is still going to end up being around $40 a month for something decent.

I follow a few “tweeters” for the android platform and a tweet passed across the other day about this website called They claimed to offer decent virtual servers at “too good to be true” pricing. The “too good to be true” wording is mine, not theirs…

I’ve purchased a $20 a month server. It’s super responsive and the stats are rather impressive for the price. 50Gb storage, 600 month transfer, and 512Mb (1204Burstable) memory.

I had a few snags when I first placed the order and that gave me a chance to work with their support crew / owners. Chris Soyar’s helped me get things straightened out asap. Great guy!

These guys have a great business. Make sure to check them out and get a server for yourself.

Time will tell how peppy the server stays as it starts to get more users. Chris is using OpenVZ to handle the virtualization and it can do a pretty good job of making sure the CPU does not get “hogged” by a single user. Chris also claims that they will ensure that the host servers to not get over loaded. Not something that you would hear the guys over at 1and1 say.

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