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Tonight at a local restaurant, I did what I always do. I checked to see if they had a wireless network available. I was surprised to find that their wireless network was called “(hidden) has salmonella!”

Note: (hidden) equals the name of the place. No reason to put their name here.

As I was in the middle of my meal, I figured it was a good time to talk to the manager and ask him to verify this little comment.

Turns out that he had a “professional company” come in and rebuild their wireless network last week. Seems like they missed a few steps. No encryption, and the user/password was default.

So, you can see how this happened. I recommended to him that he call up that same company and ask for a bit of a refund. He said he knew how to secure the router, so we’ll see if he fixes the issue.

Oh, and so far so good. Not sick from the meal yet….

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