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I got this today. It’s supposed to be from Citizens Bank. Guess they don’t partake in English lessons over at “Citizens Bank”. 🙂

Good day dear clients,

We are sorry to inform that the fraudulents with the accounts of our bank have recently increased.
That is why our bank changes the security system, which will provide maximum security to our clients if the accounts are used by frauds.
You will receive a special program to your e-mail this week, as well as the instruction how to use it.
With its help you will have an opportunity to make payments. Without this program no one will be able to transfer money from your account. If you lose the program, you will have to pay $4,99 and we will send you the copy of it.
To confirm the registration of this anti-fraud program visit this web-site and complete the necessary forms:

Citizens Bank Money Manager GPS Online Services
We appreciate your business and hope to keep you as a customer for life.
Citizens Bank Money Manager GPS Online is so easy, no wonder it’s number 1 !

Citizens Bank Online Billing Services Team

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